Development of novel tumor selective MRI contrast agents.

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Spago Imaging

SPAGO Imaging conducts research and development in the nanomedicine field with focus on cancer diagnostics and treatment. The development is based on SPAGO’s platform technologies, IonXgel, ProtRc and 3PEG.

IonXgel is a unique nanomaterial and the basis for SPAGO’s novel cancer selective MRI contrast agent, SPAGO Pix. The SPAGO Pix portfolio also includes opportunities within cancer selective drug delivery for improved cancer treatment, as well as additional MR imaging indications.

ProtRc is a protein based drug delivery platform. The primary application, ArchaeaPlatin is a local delivery of Cisplatin for target cancer treatment.

3PEG is a proprietary pegylation platform that can improve critical drug properties of small molecules, peptides and proteins, and provide e.g. increased efficacy and reduced side effects, and has therefore a broad clinical application.

Spago Imaging
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